2014 Hibernation Survey

After three hugely successful years, the Hedgehog Hibernation Survey will not be happening this year.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. It has been a shining example of citizen science and broadened our understanding of this threatened animal.

A plot of the earliest recorded hedgehog sighting in 2014 per 10km square.

(Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2015.)

The Hibernation Survey was designed to re-evaluate data collected by Dr Pat Morris in the 1960s that seemed to show regional differences in the timings of hedgehog emergence from hibernation.

In three years almost five thousand people submitted ~150,000 hedgehog sightings.

Regional differences in hedgehog emergence did not seem apparent in this data, and the reason for this is not known.

We were also interested in seeing if climate change had changed the timings of activity patterns since the 1960s. Comparing the data from 1966 with that of 2012-2014, we have found no significant difference in emergence timings, suggesting that climate change is yet to be having a measurable impact on this aspect of hedgehog behaviour.

We will be spending 2015 in consultation with other wildlife organisations (BTO, ZSL, RSPB) to discuss plans for a new structured hedgehog survey to be launched in 2016. The Big Hedgehog Map will also come online in 2015 – a one-stop shop for members of the public wishing to register any hedgehog they have seen.

Thank you, and watch this space!

The Hedgehog Street team.


Read the full report here.