The Hedgehog Street team

Henry with Monty Don (photo Iain Green -

» Henry Johnson

I like hedgehogs because…  I admire the way they are so tolerant of human activity. If conditions are right, they can thrive in our gardens and parks, right on our doorsteps. I think this is impressive for such an ancient creature.

A bit about me I have the honour of a potentially unique job title: ‘Hedgehog Officer’. I am based in Battersea in south London where People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) are based. I help to run Hedgehog Street by answering enquiries and updating the website. All of our hedgehoggy work is in partnership with BHPS and so I’m also involved in the other parts of our joint campaign: helping to decide on the direction of our funding for research into hedgehogs, working with developers and planners to tackle habitat issues, designing courses to teach land managers about hedgehog conservation and giving talks and doing media work to promote the cause. Unfortunately its mainly office based so I don’t get to see live hedgehogs as much as I’d like!

Fay Vass, Chief Executive of BHPS

» Fay Vass

I like hedgehogs because…. Hedgehogs are special; you can interact with them perhaps more than other wild animal. To protect themselves they curl up in a ball rather than flee so if you wait patiently and keep quiet you are rewarded by being able to watch them snuffle round and amble off. Seeing a hedgehog in the wild is always a treat and I remember a hedgehog visiting the garden being one of my very first wildlife encounters as a child.

A bit about me I started working part time at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) in 1999 and gradually took on more and more responsibility until I became Chief Executive. A large and important part of our current work, and therefore my job, is Hedgehog Street, working closely with the PTES to try to help hedgehogs in practical ways and funding important research to help us better understand how we can further assist the species.  As well as Hedgehog Street, the BHPS produces a wide range of information leaflets for the public, vets and schools, most of these are available on our website.  I am alarmed at the current rate of decline of the hedgehog population and sincerely hope that our work will help slow or halt that decline.

Emily Thomas, Hedgehog Street Intern at PTES

» Emily Thomas

I like hedgehogs because… they are unique and completely different from all other British mammals with their coat of spines and they also have the most adorable faces, with bright beady black eyes and an endearing overbite!

A bit about me I have just started as the Hedgehog Street Intern, based at the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) offices in Battersea, south London. I help with answering emails, updating the website, engaging and communicating with Hedgehog Champions as well as generally supporting Hedgehog Street. I have just completed my MSc degree at the University of Reading. My dissertation was on the decline of the European hedgehog in the UK and looking at how effective footprint tunnels are at monitoring them. During my data collection I was lucky enough to get some hands on experience with the spiny little creatures and have been captivated by them ever since!