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Home Forums Hedgehog tales Shock in the night with Hedgehog and Badger (hedgie okay) Reply To: Shock in the night with Hedgehog and Badger (hedgie okay)


Hi Everyone,

This is also my first post and I am so glad you raised this issue “snufflewoofs” as my wife and I have the same problem in and around our garden. The following will describe how we got to our current predicament.

I absolutely adore wildlife so when my wife and I moved into our current property I went about creating a wildlife garden for us both to enjoy. This included building a wildlife pond, landscaping, putting up various nest boxes and feeding the birds. The wildlife soon flocked to the garden and this included a particularly sociable hedgehog that we called “Harry”. Very original I know but we thought it suited him fine. My wife took a particular shine to him so we bought him a feeding station so he could eat in peace as well as providing places for him to nest and rest up during the daylight hours. We both absolutely adored him.

This was all very successful and over the next 3 years or so he was joined by other hedgehogs and baby “Harrys” soon came along. Everything was going swimmingly and we were both very happy until the start of this summer (2017).

My wife and I were both woken up by a terrible screaming noise which I now know too well. As we have foxes in and around where we live I assumed it was those fighting. I did get up and have a look out of the window but I couldn’t see anything. I so regret not going down and having a look and I will always carry that guilt. The next day I went down to the garden and I could see straight away that “Harry” had been attacked and eaten. All that was left was his skin with the bristles attached and his jar bone. It was awful and my wife and I were really upset. I swore to myself that it would never happen again.

I did some research and worked out it was a badger that had attacked and eaten him. I know it’s all part of nature but I continue to carry a great deal of guilt over the incident. So from that day forth I secured the garden as best I could from badgers and vowed to leap out of bed if ever I heard that terrible scream again. Unfortunately I have……… Several times! ๐Ÿ™

We have several hedgehogs in the garden still that visit for food etc. and they have been attacked several times since but not in the garden. We have a public footpath that runs parallel to our garden and it’s always along there now.

What can I do to stop this? I am researching it on the internet to find a solution but I feel so powerless. I’m sure with the excellent knowledge on this website there must be some suggestions that I could try? Any advice would be greatly received.

Like I say I love all wildlife but I am really starting to resent the badgers.

My wife and I are exhausted because we don’t sleep properly as we have half an ear on what’s going on about us. Not sure how long we can carry this on but we are determined to help our friends as best we can.

I may add that we have seen the badger/badgers scurrying away when we have went running up the public footpath after hearing the screaming. We are pretty sure no badger set has been disturbed locally as we live on a housing estate that has been in situ for nearly 30 years. Like I say any help would be greatly received so I can enjoy a nights sleep again!

Many thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚