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Hi Elless

I’m just imagining your lovely Labrador with a hogilo stuck on her head! I think if she has been trained or naturally leaves hedgehogs alone, you should be ok, although it’s possible some hogs may be put off. But people with dogs sometimes have hedgehogs in their gardens even if they don’t feed them.

I have never seen a hogilo like you’ve described. You would think it would be hard for a cat to get in if it was pegged down. Maybe it was a hedgehog who is out and about, or alternatively it could have been a rat or even a stoat. Maybe you need a wildlife camera!

Your wildlife area sounds a lovely place for hogs. Hopefully lots of creepy crawlies for them to eat.

I have seen stoats listed as predators of hedgehogs (‘when the opportunity arises’) so it is possible, but I’m not sure how frequent that is or whether it would only be an ill or very young hedgehog.

If you are going to be away a lot, it would be handy if you could leave some water, somehow, for the hogs, especially when it gets hot in the Summer. If you have a pond, I’m sure you will know to make sure a hog could get out easily if it got in. It would probably also be a good idea to make sure the hogs don’t get to rely on the food you put out too much, unless you can get someone else to feed them when you are away.

You are very lucky having hogs around in both places you stay.