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Should I feed my hedgehogs mealworms?

Mealworms may be a tasty snack, but in large quantities they can become a cause for concern. To be on the safe side, it’s probably better to offer other foods, such as a good quality hedgehog food, or cat/ dog food, and of course only ever water to drink.

Poor Nutrition

Mealworms offer little nutrition, but are highly ‘addictive’.  This means ‘hogs are likely to fill up on these before eating food with a much higher nutritional value.

The Calcium/Phosporus (Ca:P) Debate

There is evidence beginning to emerge that mealworms can cause bone problems in hedgehogs. Mealworms are particularly high in phosphorus, meaning if eaten in large quantities, the calcium needed for healthy teeth and bones, is stripped from the body. For every milligram of phosphorus a hedgehog consumes, it must consume another milligram of calcium. Otherwise, the calcium gets taken from the calcium stores in the body to balance the phosphorus out.



Hedgehog and fox cub having a mealworm party