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Survey FAQs

Hedgehog Housing Census 2017


Who is running the survey?

This is the first ever national census of hedgehog houses, brought to you by Hedgehog Street: a national campaign from People’s Trust for Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. This survey is also in partnership with the University of Reading and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

How long is the survey running for?

Launched August 2017 until 31st October.

Can the survey be done on paper?

This survey will only be delivered through an online survey, administrated by PTES and promoted through the media. Academic support is being provided by scientists at Reading University who are helping analyse the data.

Why should I do this survey?

No-one has ever studied hedgehog nest boxes, yet we know that thousands of people in Britain have them in their gardens to try and help declining hedgehogs. At least 4,000 Hedgehog Champions (Hedgehog Street volunteers) have them in their gardens, but are they being used? What percentage are used? Are they used for summer nesting, maternity nests, or hibernation? What is the best design? Where is the best place to locate them? Is it best to buy one or make one? What is the quirkiest? What’s the difference between a hedgehog hotel and a hedgehog café? Do you need to clear them out? Do you need to provide bedding? Will your dog scare off the residents?

We will also be looking into the commercially available designs to see which work and which don’t. Prices vary from £20 to over £200.

We want to find out whether or not these are a waste of effort/money for our volunteers and try to maximise the conservation impact of them.

What if I have more than one hedgehog house in my garden?

If you would like to provide information about more than one hedgehog house in your garden, and if you have the time fill, please in the survey for each house separately.  If this is too much not to worry, please just select those that you know have been definitely used by hedgehogs.   But, just make sure that in the final question “Any other comments” please write “2nd house” or “4th house” etc.

What will we do with the results?

There is a lot of advice about how best to use hedgehog houses, but we need to do some research to be sure that this advice is well-founded and appropriate. The aim of this survey is to collect evidence that will help to guide people on how best to use hedgehog houses to help hedgehogs, based on the experiences of the thousands of you that already have them.

We aim to analyse the results over winter and publish the results in Spring. (Deadline for Uni of reading end of Feb for general results for public).

How do I take the survey?

Please click the link on our survey page here, to complete the survey?