Help hedgehogs in your neighbourhood

Hedgehogs need our help: it's about gardens and neighbours

There is now pretty convincing evidence that hedgehogs are declining severely in Britain. Worryingly, they seem to be doing just as badly in the wider countryside as they are in our towns and cities. The picture is complicated and it seems likely that several different factors are at play.

Hedgehog by Phill Robinson, Hedgehog Champion from the West Midlands

Fortunately, we know that hedgehogs love gardens and we know what features they need to survive and thrive in suburbia. This is why Hedgehog Street was born. It's all about simple things everyone can do to help save our favourite wild animal (N.B. The Hedgehog Champion vote played a huge part in deciding this). 

Hedgehog Champion Alison Butlin's wonderful hedgehog garden in south London

In these pages is an introduction to how you can help hedgehogs. It's addictive, and when you get hooked you can register as a Hedgehog Champion and take it to the next level by becoming an ambassador for hedgehogs in your local area and getting your friends and neighbours involved in helping them.

No one garden is enough; hedgehogs need streets and neighbourhoods of linked-up gardens if they are to survive.

As a starter, have a look at this informative video for ideas on how to help hedgehogs in your garden.