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Who are the Hedgehog Champions?

Hedgehog Street is as much about people as it is about hedgehogs. Hedgehog Champions are the people that make it work – you don’t need any special skills to be one, just a bit of initiative and a love for spiny creatures!

Let’s look at the facts…

  • hedgehogs are declining severely in Britain, by 3 or 4% per year
  • most people live in towns and cities
  • hedgehogs love suburbia – they can be found in their highest densities here
  • there are half a million hectares of garden in Britain
  • small changes can make a big difference for hedgehogs

I hope you can see that there’s huge scope for each of us to do something for hedgehogs, even if you don’t have a garden.

These are some of the free downloadable resources we provide on Hedgehog Street to help you help hedgehogs.

  • put a poster up to raise awareness in your area
  • distribute the flyers and fact sheets to recruit your neighbours
  • use the template to make a hole in your fence
  • use our free slides and notes to give a talk about hedgehogs
  • tell us about your experiences by emailing, sharing a video for YouTube, usingĀ facebook or the photo galleries

Register here to become a Hedgehog Champion right now…