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Become a Hedgehog Champion

Why become a Hedgehog Champion?

Hedgehog Street is as much about people as it is about hedgehogs. Hedgehog Champions are the people that make it work – you don’t need any special skills to be one, just a bit of initiative and a love for spiny creatures!

St John's Estate Hedgehog Street garden, Paragon
St John’s Estate Hedgehog Street garden, Paragon

Let’s look at the facts…

We hope you can see that there’s huge scope for each of us to do something for hedgehogs, even if you don’t have a garden.

1) Do something simple that will make a real difference for hedgehogs 

Pledge to make a hole in your garden fence or wall, then once you’ve done it come and map it on the BIG Hedgehog Map.

2) Learn all about hedgehogs and how you can help them.

There is a huge amount of information on this website about these spiny creatures – the UK’s favourite wild animal and one that is sadly in trouble.

3) Register on Hedgehog Street and become a ‘Hedgehog Champion’  

You can then access loads of free resources that will help you tell your neighbours and friends about hedgehogs, why they are in trouble and what we can all do to help. Over sixty five thousand people have already joined us.

4) Donate to Hedgehog Street  

Hedgehog Street is run by a small, committed group of staff, but it is part of a much wider conservation project aimed at helping our wild hedgehogs. We rely on donations to support this work. Help us fight for hedgehogs.

My Hedgehog Street: the free resources we give you as a volunteer

Once you have registered as a Hedgehog Champion, you will have access to the user-only area called My Hedgehog Street and we will give you access to all of these resources for free:

Powerpoint slides for hedgehog talk

Free slides for a hedgehog-themed talk

These slides and accompanying notes will help you give a 1 hour talk about hedgehog conservation and ecology to a general interest group. Based on the latest research.

Fact Sheet

Hedgehog fact sheet

Two sided overview of hedgehog basic stats. Educate the neighbours!

Invitation card

Designed for easy-printing, post these invitation cards through letter boxes in your neighbourhood to raise awareness about the plight of hedgehogs and to promote Hedgehog Street.


Print this poster out and pin it to a local noticeboard to raise awareness. You can add you personal contact details if you wish and start a Hedgehog Street community group.

Top tips leaflet (back)

Top Tips leaflet

Ten simple tips for helping hedgehogs.

Our main Hedgehog Street leaflet. This is available as a free download, and also in physical form. Contact PTES or BHPS for more information on availability of the printed version.

Build a Hedgehog House

Instructions on how to build three different types of hedgehog house.

Hedgehog Highway template (front)

Hedgehog Highway template

This is a printable template for a hedgehog-sized hole that will provide the crucial access through your garden that they need.

Action cards 1

Action cards

Twelve double-sided cards with images and advice on hedgehog-friendly activities that are simple and engaging.

Print them and then scatter into the crowd from a great height!

If you register on Hedgehog Street you will be part of an army of tens of thousands of regular people who have decided to stand up for hedgehogs in their local community.

Tell us about your experiences by emailing, sharing a video for YouTube, using facebook or share your images on the photo gallery

Register here to become a Hedgehog Champion today

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