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Supplementary food for hedgehogs

Put out food for hedgehogs in the garden and they will eat it!

The hedgehog’s natural diet mainly consists of slugs, ground beetles, caterpillars and worms. During cold or dry periods, these creepy-crawlies become much scarcer in gardens, so hedgehogs will benefit hugely from a shallow dish of water and supplementary feeding.

What Should I Feed Hedgehogs?

It’s important to remember that this food is only supplementary to their natural diet, so please be sure to provide a nice mixture of food to get all the nutrients that they need. Place in a shallow dish and put in a sheltered area of your garden around sunset.

Specially made hedgehog foods both in dry and moist kibble varieties now exist and can be bought from most local pet and garden stores.

Hedgehogs will also relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat foods as these are high in the protein that they need.

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Can You Feed Hedgehogs Bread and Milk?

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant so please do not give them milk. Bread is low in energy so fairly worthless to them.

Should I Feed My Hedgehogs Mealworms?

Hedgehogs love mealworms, but they don’t offer all that much nutrition. To find out more about feeding mealworms click here.

How Can I Stop Cats and Foxes Eating It All?

To avoid the food you put out being eaten by pets or foxes you could make a feeding station that is difficult for anything larger than a hedgehog to access.

You could use a piece of piping, or build a shelter out of bricks and paving stones or get some inspriation from a nifty solution by Hedgehog Champions below.

How do you encourage natural hedgehog food in the garden?