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Frequently Asked Questions

About hedgehogs

Hedgehog facts

UK hedgehog distribution map
How many hedgehogs are left in Britain?
Where do hedgehogs live?
What is the lifecycle of a hedgehog?
Do hedgehogs hibernate?
Breeding and babies
Track and signs of hedgehogs
What do wild hedgehogs eat?
The history of hedgehogs in our culture

About Hedgehog Street

Who works at Hedgehog Street?
How can I help hedgehogs? Become a Hedgehog Champion!
Website trouble shooting
Champion feedback

Hedgehog advice

Hedgehog welfare

Found a sick or injured hedgehog?
Hedgehog carers
Help! I’ve spotted a dead hedgehog
Report a dead hedgehog to Garden Wildlife Health (GWH)
I’ve seen a dead hedgehog on the side of the road
Can a hedgehog be released from rehabilitation during winter? Yes!
Where should a hedgehog be released after rehabilitation?
Do hedgehogs get ticks or fleas?

Hedgehogs in the garden

How do I know if I have hedgehogs?
How do I get a hedgehog in my garden?
Helpful garden features
My hedgehogs are making loud noises!
Can I do gardening over winter with hedgehogs?
What garden hazards are there for hedgehogs?
Can I have a pond in my garden?
Do slug pellets harm hedgehogs?
Can I introduce hedgehogs to my local area?

Hedgehog food

What should I feed hedgehogs?
What do wild hedgehogs eat?
How do I make a hedgehog feeding station?
Should I clean my hedgehog feeding station?
How do I keep cats away from the hedgehog food?

Hedgehog houses

Where can I get a hedgehog house?
Should I clean my hedgehog house?
Why is my hedgehog house not being used?

Hedgehog highways

If I put a hole in my fence, will my pets escape?
What is a Hedgehog Highway? How do I link a garden?
Tackling garden fencing
Where can I get hedgehog-friendly fencing?

Hedgehogs and pets

Do cats and dogs pose a threat to my hedgehogs?
Do hedgehogs get ticks or fleas?
Will hedgehogs give my pets fleas?
Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Hedgehog conservation

Risks to hedgehogs

Why are hedgehogs disappearing?
What are the threats to hedgehogs in rural areas?
What are the threats to hedgehogs in urban/suburban gardens?
Do hedgehogs have legal protection?
Do badgers or foxes eat hedgehogs?
Do slug pellets harm hedgehogs?
Ideas for safe slug control
Should I have a bonfire in case of hedgehogs?
Do cats and dogs pose a threat to my hedgehogs?
I’m worried about a new development impacting my local ‘hogs.

Surveying hedgehogs

Can you track a hedgehog?
I’ve seen a hedgehog!
Where do you find hedgehogs in the UK?
How can I see a hedgehog at night time?
Advice for students surveying hedgehogs
Track and signs of hedgehogs
What are footprint tunnels?
PTES mammal surveys

Hedgehog research

Hedgehog Research
Hedgehog hibernation survey
What were the results of the Hedgehog Housing Census?
PTES mammal surveys

Conservation efforts

How many are left?
What is being done to help?
What can I do to help hedgehogs?
I want to give a talk on hedgehogs


Free resources

Free advice for farmers – helping hedgehogs on your land
Free advice for green space land managers – hedgehog ecology and land management advice for practitioners
Free advice for planners, developers, architects and contractors – hedgehogs and development

Extra resources

Are there any good books on hedgehogs?
Training for land managers and consultants