Link your garden

Hedgehogs travel around one mile every night through our parks and gardens in their quest to find enough food and a mate. If you have an enclosed garden you might be getting in the way of their plans.

We now know that one of the main reasons why hedgehogs are declining in Britain is because our fences and walls are becoming more and more secure, reducing the amount of land available to them.

We can make their life a little easier by removing the barriers within our control – for example, by making holes in or under our garden fences and walls for them to pass through. The gap need only be 13x13cm or 5 inches square and so will be too small for most pets.

You could:

  • Remove a brick from the bottom of the wall,
  • Cut a small hole in your fence if there are no gaps  
  • Dig a channel underneath your wall, fence or gate

hedgehog-porous garden boundaries

If you are feeling particularly ambitious then the ideal option would be to swap your walls and fences for hedges. This would provide shelter, food and a route into an out of your garden, not to mention the benefits it would bring to other wildlife such as birds and bees.

Take action now!

1) Pledge to make a hole in your fence or wall

2) Once you've made a hole, map it on our national hedgehog network

3) Become a Hedgehog Champion and make sure your neghbourhood has hedgehogs in the future

A screen shot from BBC Countryfile 2012