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Monthly Top Tips: August

6th August 2020

Leave fresh water out in a shallow dish to help thirsty hedgehogs.

With some sunny weather finally arriving, it’s a perfect time to leave water out for hedgehogs who may be dehydrated. One or more shallow dishes of clean, fresh water could make a world of difference to a thirsty hedgehog.

Hot weather can also result in reduced availability of insect prey for hedgehogs. Creepy crawlies like worms burrow deep into the ground, which then gets too dry and hard for hedgehogs to access. Supplementary food can therefore be a lifeline for local hogs.

What should I leave out for hedgehogs?

To drink

Plain, fresh water in a shallow dish – nice and simple!

To eat

In terms of feeding hedgehogs, these are the only things we should leave out for them:

  • Meaty cat or dog food (best to avoid fishy flavours which can upset hedgehog tummies)
  • Cat biscuits
  • High quality specialist hedgehog food

Please avoid any human foods including bread and milk.

Cats pinching the food? Not to worry, a hedgehog feeding station will help!

Thanks to our wonderful Hedgehog Champions for their photos.

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