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Countdown to Hedgehog Hibernation!

15th September 2018

It’s all systems go for Britain’s hedgehogs at this time of year as they get ready to hibernate. While they’re filling up on food and looking out for the perfect hibernation spot, here’s what you can do to help them.

1.)    Keep putting food out to help recovering mothers and underweight yearlings fatten up. Try meat based cat or dog food to help them fatten up.

2.)    Be careful what you tidy up. Leave log piles, weedy corners and compost heaps. Check anywhere you plan to strim beforehand.

3.)    Don’t leave your garage doors open. You may end up trapping local hedgehogs inside.

4.)    Create a hibernation site by building a hedgehog house or stuffing leaves into a hollow beneath a logpile or under the shed.

5.)    Plant an apple tree. One of the best trees to attract insects into the gardens for ‘hogs and fantastic for wildlife in general.