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‘Ghost’ hedgehogs in Dorset

14th September 2020

After a village had over 20 hedgehog road deaths in just a year, the Dorset Mammal Group are raising awareness with ‘ghost’ hedgehogs.

Photo by Colin Varndell, Dorset Mammal Group

Since the 8th September, these wooden white-painted hedgehogs are appearing on Dorset’s roads. The aim of these ‘ghost’ hedgehogs is to remind motorists of the lives lost, and hopefully encourage more careful driving.

The campaign is part of a wider project by the Dorset Mammal Group to boost hedgehog numbers in the county.

‘As part of our Hedgehog Project we are fundraising for a dedicated Hedgehog Hospital. This is one aspect of our plan to make Dorset the most hedgehog friendly county in the country. We are creating Hedgehog Friendly Towns and Villages, working with schools, training land managers, engaging in research, and encouraging people to become part of a network of rehabilitators.’

Susy Varndell, Hedgehog Leader of the Dorset Mammal Group.

The group are installing the hedgehogs on private property or with landowner permission. The white hogs are small enough that planning permission is not required.

Earlier this year PTES, BHPS and the Mammal Society published research into hedgehog mortality on roads. You can read the full story and paper here.

You can also find more information on PTES’ Mammals on Roads survey here.