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Elastic band warning

1st February 2023

* warning – graphic content *

Litter can be an issue for hedgehogs. They can become entangled or trapped which can cause injuries and even death. Elastic bands in particular can be deadly, as they can wrap around limbs and cut off circulation. Many rescue centres sadly report elastic band casualties, including hedgehogs, birds and other wildlife.

One source of elastic bands is the delivery of letters and parcels. The BHPS has a ‘post for posties postcard’, which you can give to your local postal delivery workers, to remind them of the dangers of dropping litter when on their round. Email BHPS to request a batch to hand out.

The BHPS postcard

If you spot any elastic bands in your local area, please do pick them up. You can also contact Royal Mail who can reiterate delivery procedures to their staff.

If you ever find a hedgehog which has been injured or entangled in litter, please contact our partners BHPS on 01584 890801 or for further advice. Please do not simply untangle and release hedgehogs, as constriction injuries can lead to later complications and infection.