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Monthly Top Tips: February

13th February 2020

Tidy up your garden and local area of litter and netting to keep hedgehogs safe from getting tangled up.

Entanglement is a big risk for hedgehogs in urban areas. Plastic litter, elastic bands and football goal netting all pose a threat to our prickly friends. Their spines, along with their tendency to curl up means they are prone to getting tangled, sometimes fatally.

This February, you can help hedgehogs by carefully tidying up your garden and local area, to make it safe for when hedgehogs wake up from hibernation.

This is a good habit to get into to ensure hedgehogs are safe all year!

This hedgehog was found tangled up on an allotment.

Safely removing litter is a great way to start, as hedgehogs can become entangled and trapped in anything from crisp packets to plastic bags to ringed can holders.

Removing discarded elastic bands from your street will also help, as hedgehogs can get their legs tangled in them.

Any netting, such as football goals and fences round plants could be cut a just a foot off the ground, and this would ensure hedgehog safety.

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