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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings A hedgehog in the garden and a busy road Reply To: A hedgehog in the garden and a busy road

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Not sure you’ll be able the persuade a hedgehog to do anything! They very much have minds of their own!

But, it’s a tricky one. Normally a hog is best not disturbed in a nest, especially if it might be a female with babies, which it could be at this time of year. Females with very young babies can be very sensitive and abandon or even eat their babies. If you are sure the hog is in the garage, is there any chance you could temporarily store the wood anywhere else?

If there is really no alternative, and in the hope it isn’t a nursing female, the only thing I can think of for you to do is, have the new hog box ready in place, try to do any clearing, very carefully, as late in the evening as you can. Then if you find a hedgehog put it into the box with enough ‘bedding’ for it to hide in. I think if I was in that position, I would probably keep it shut in until dark, so it would need water, but for as short a time as possible. (Although it could be a problem if it is a female and has youngsters elsewhere – they sometimes have a nap away from the youngsters) It is possible that it will not continue to use the box afterwards, at least for a while.

If you find there is a nest with young ones, I would really try not to disturb it. Keep an eye on it, from a distance and make sure the Mother hasn’t deserted the young ones. Seek advice from your local carer. You can get the number of the nearest from the BHPS 01584 890801 . They will need help if deserted.

If it’s a hog just using it as a place to spend the day, it might move on quite soon anyway. You might be able to get some idea of whether it’s a nursing female, by keeping an eye out to see how often it goes backwards and forwards. A female would be likely to go back to any nest much more often than a male would.

Good luck.