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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared


Hi Nic

Thanks for your kind words, ridiculously things just got worse on Mon 24th, I was heading for the railway station to go to Devon for a few days’ R&R at my friends’ vegan guest house when I tripped & went down like a sack of spuds. Result – A&E & Trauma visits, several of, then when a bed was available a grotty op on my wrist to put a plate in, bruises everywhere, stitches in my face, battered knees, a right mess. And of course no Devon. Other than that everything’s great!

Been setting the camera the last few nights & Henry’s still visiting & being pestered by Nala, Frankie’s old friend. Hubby fed him while I couldn’t but the camera had a break. Bad choice of words. Nala blocks the camera & is clearly watching him off camera, he’s frightened of her because he does that head down forehead all forward spikes thing & waits til she goes. Nosy cat, never seen a cat so interested in a hog in my garden anyway. Frankie pretty much ignored them apart from the night he came on 2 of them unexpectedly & leapt several feet in the air & over them with surprise more than anything.

Such a shame Digger’s not reappeared, also the hoglet markings by idiotic human.

It’s a bit weird releasing hogs anywhere but their original homes, don’t think I knew they did otherwise after rehabilitation. On a sort of similar subject I saw or heard an item recently about honey bees advising that they don’t play a part in pollination as they collect nectar a particular way to benefit their community that doesn’t transfer pollen from plant to plant & they can upset the balance of nature preventing regular bees from having food & also the plants themselves suffering. If you introduce honey bees in a possibly plant poor area you seriously damage the success of both plant & bee is how I understood it.

Hilarious but a nuisance we tempted your mice back by talking about them, hope they all go back to wherever they’ve been.

Baby magpie has discovered Elaine’s dry cat food, he sits on the rail by the front door & makes high speed raids on her dish!

I hope hogs don’t get reliant on food left for them, it’s a tough one, depends possibly on how much is left for them in an area & how much foraging they do at the same time & unless they’ll complete questionnaires not sure how to find out. Henry often deposits just one leaf in the empty dish, we decided as it’s only one each time & there are so many out there it may be a thank you note or hog currency perhaps! He spends a huge amount of time snuffling about in the leaves, must be loads of little things to eat there.

Distinctly yuck Splash & the medium slug, what they must taste like I hate to think. I know they make an appalling stain on the carpet if you accidentally bring one in from the garden & step on it – yes, I did, no I didn’t mean to & the stain was orange & took a lot of effort to remove.

If I was a frog in your pond tubs I’d lie low & keep very still when the rabble arrive for their noisy baths & think nasty taste thoughts to put off any bird that spotted me.