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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared

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Hi Annie

Well we had some snow and hoglet was missing for several days. I was a bit worried about him, but then he came back and has been visiting every night, as before. So far, no companions, although I haven’t checked last night’s video yet.

I have managed to get him to go into the front corridor of one of the boxes – Perspex sheeting almost up to it, lower down, and an entrance made smaller, so very difficult for cats to get in. (some of the cats must think they’re limbo dancers – quite amusing seeing them getting under the Perspex for the hog food – although luckily it doesn’t happen often). The camera doesn’t always catch hoglet going in or out, but have had the occasional clip of him reversing out! And down a step, too. He has also taken to kitten biscuits, since the snow – good, because the rat is still an occasional visitor and eats the hog food. No mice recently, though.

Re. the Garden Birdwatch. I have come to the conclusion that extra people start putting food out just for that and maybe some of the birds go there, because it is the same every year – some of the ‘regulars’ missing.

I have a blackbird who I think may be roosting on my patio. He seems to be there every evening when I turn the cameras on. Of course, he may just be waiting for the hog food, but it doesn’t seem to be just that, and there is usually a bit of bird food left, which I take in when the hog food goes out. I’ve also been seeing some butterflies and bumble bees, but no frogs yet and sadly no sign of frog spawn either. I am hoping to see some damselflies later on – last year I saw them laying eggs in one of my tub ponds.

So much to do in the garden! I usually pretty much leave it in the winter for all the insects, etc. but now the plants are beginning to grow – with all the warm weather – and so the old stuff needs moving. I gave the grass it’s first mowing – mower set very high. I was worried it was getting too long for hoglet – his foraging activities on the lawn had gone down. I have been trying to work it out, but I think they might like a variety of lengths. Shorter to get around more easily and longer bits to hunt for insects, but quite small areas, so they can get around them easily. But seem not so keen if too much of it is too long.

Good idea – the nesting material – and yours with cat fur, too, DwarfHog. When we had a pony some birds used to land on it and take fur away. Not as bad as it sounds – it was when the pony was moulting so was probably quite glad for the birds to take some. We also used to put some in branches, etc. too and still do with bits of sheep wool. Some people put fur, etc. in hanging feeders, for the birds to use probably some of the fat ball feeders with bigger spaces.

There’s lots more bird singing going on here, too. Lovely to hear.

Good luck with the building work. I hope all goes well and that it is all out of the way for when the hogs come back.