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Home Forums Champions’ chat Whats in your dish? Reply To: Whats in your dish?

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Hi Halfpenny

I offer ‘I Love Hedgehogs’ food to the hedgehogs here, myself. I like to be satisfied, as far as I can, that what I am feeding the hogs is o.k. and to that end, I question the manufacturers from time to time, to try to make sure that what I am feeding is appropriate. As I understand it, they have gone to some lengths to make sure that the food is in line with the latest scientific knowledge of what is appropriate for hedgehogs (is properly balanced, etc) and are continuing to monitor it, taking into account any new knowledge that arises. As you know they changed mealworms for calci-worms and removed sultanas from the original recipe, when it became known that they weren’t good for hedgehogs. (There were several other similar foods at the time which included both mealworms and sultanas – most of which have hopefully since changed their recipes.)

I am satisfied that Jacobi Jayne are responsible hedgehog food manufacturers who are willing to listen to the latest scientific knowledge and take the appropriate steps. I should add that I am just an ordinary customer and have nothing to do with the company other than that. But I do think that all hog food manufacturers should be checked on by their customers (i.e. us) to make sure that they are doing their very best for the hogs. They all need to know that we all care very much about the hogs and what we feed them.

The hogs here seem to be fine with ‘I love hedgehogs’ food and eat it quite happily. Most cats aren’t at all interested, but there is always one who will eat anything! So, I still tend to feed either in a feeding box or under a Perspex type sheet resting on 4, 3 litre, earth filled, flower pots with bricks on top, which seems to mostly deter cats who might otherwise be interested. I use the perspex type arrangement because there are some hogs who prefer to eat outside – and they seem to consider that this arrangement is still outside! It does of course also have the advantage of keeping the rain off, but the hogs are still visible. Also handy that it can be easily moved during the day time. But my main priority is always the hogs – what is right for them rules!

I don’t know what the criticisms on Amazon are – don’t use Amazon myself – but when changing to a different type of food it sometimes takes a bit of time for the hogs to get used to it. In particular if they are offered the choice of the different types of food they will sometimes choose the type nearest to what they have been used to. If the hogs don’t immediately take to the change, you could mix a little bit of the old food in and gradually reduce it. Alternatively, if the new food is left, without a choice, they will usually eat it if they’re hungry.

Bear in mind that what we feed is supposed to be supplementary. No artificial hedgehog food is totally ideal (or cat food, etc.). Ideally we all need to improve and increase the habitat for hedgehogs by linking gardens and making our gardens more wildlife friendly. So much better for hedgehogs if they are able to find their own natural food. Sadly, the time that all of them can find all the food they require in the wild is still a way off, but hopefully they will be able to get, at least, some of their food in the wild. We can but try. In the meantime we can only do the best we can by way of supplementary feeding.

I expect you are already leaving water out, but it’s very important for water to be available all day every day. I have several sources, some of which are near to the feeding area, which is especially important if feeding dry or moist food.

Good luck. Hope you manage to ensure the hogs get more food than the cat!