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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Poo spotted despite builder's mess… Reply To: Poo spotted despite builder's mess…

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Hi Annie

Oh, that’s sad, I was looking forward to hearing about hoglets! Easy mistake to make. I sometimes find one of my cameras seems to go onto photo without me noticing – I usually have it on video. I probably pressed the wrong thing! But at least you don’t have to worry about the plastic bags. Sounds promising that there are hog visitors there.

7 Jays! That’s amazing. I have a female blackbird who behaves a bit like one of the males used to a couple of years ago. She looks out for me. Even seems to manage to see me when I’m upstairs and flies backwards and forwards in front of the window. She makes me laugh sometimes – lands on top of the water butt (rounded top) and then sort of half flies, half slides down the lid. She’s so clever. She bosses the males as well. Some of them are looking pretty scruffy now, but she still looks pretty neat.

Haven’t seen tiny frog again – it was a dark one, but the slightly bigger one (more patterned) is regularly in my funny little pond. But not that easy to see, so maybe tiny frog is just hiding – hope so. I was wondering how long frogs live for and someone looked it up – apparently up to 8 years! So don’t know what happened to the ones who were here before. I would really love to have a bigger pond, but not sure about the upheaval and my garden is pretty packed, so not much space either.

One of the hogs who had previously managed to avoid the dreaded blobbers turned up blobbed on Sunday night. Friday and Saturday nights seem to be the favourite times for blobbers. Such a shame. Igel still doesn’t seem to be having much luck with the boys. The one I mostly see with her (called Wilf – not sure how that came about, but it seems to have stuck), is just not interested at all, despite her efforts to get his attention. There is another regular male, but I haven’t seen them here at the same time – he never stays so long. But I have seen him rolling Wilf up, so he is obviously the boss of those two!

I now have a ratlet who visits – only one. It’s actually quite sweet (but it’s still quite small), although annoying it keeps eating the hog food! It’s only been visiting for a few days – then it missed one and I thought it might have gone the same way as the rat, but it was back last night. The first time I saw it, I hissed to scare it away (my ‘giant cat’ impersonation!) and unexpectedly, it actually ran towards me – must have been the nearest way to it’s hiding place! But slightly alarming as I was standing in the doorway – it could so easily have got in the house! Very speedy and actually once went right up to Igel and looked as if it prodded her in the face with it’s nose. I don’t think she was very pleased about it! Next time she put her spines forward and it gave up for a while.

Hope you get a tenant in Frankie’s kennel soon.