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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Finally! I’ve got cat proof feeding stations. Reply To: Finally! I’ve got cat proof feeding stations.


I’m interested in reading your tales Hettihog – I’m like you, totally obsessed and talking about them a lot, probably boring everyone to tears.

I’m having problems with my feeding station too – the local cats like it too and if I put the food out too early it’s gone. So what I’m doing at the mo – is putting the dried hedgehog food and meaty cat biscuits first and refresh the water bowl – I do this early on, before sunset and then later on – in between 10-11pm, I put a small dish of wet dog food out –

The cats that visit must be bored of cat biscuits, and not too keen on the hedgehog food – but they love the wet food, regardless whether or not it’s dog or cat food. And they eat the whole lot – and the hedges love the dog food as well – they eat that first and almost in one go – before they eat the dried food.

I put the wet dog food out much later as there is more chance a hedgehog will be able to get their first – but put the dried food out early – just in case one comes earlier than usual, as I don’t want them to find no food and then decide not to come back to my garden again.

At first I had a quite small hole for the entrance 4 by 4 inch, and that seemed to do the trick, kept the cats out – but I kept reading that it should be at least 5 by 5 inch, so I made it bigger, made a tunnel out of bricks, put a wooden board on top of the bricks, so cat would have to crouch down low and turn 90 degrees a couple of times, but they seem to have no problem doing this –

I’m wondering if I should just go back to having a 4 inch hole again, I didn’t need to put bricks down or make a tunnel to keep the cats out – I’m sure most hedgehogs would be able to squeeze through it – 5 by 5 inch is big enough for a cat to get in, what do you think?

I started off my putting the food outside on the garden – and all night I’d see hedgehogs in my garden – but since I made the feeding station – I see about one a night – I think there are probably more that visit when I’m asleep – but it’s certainly not as busy as it was originally – does it usually take a while for Hedgies to get used to going inside feeding stations?