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Home Forums Champions’ chat Help to stop cats getting in the Hedgehog box please? Reply To: Help to stop cats getting in the Hedgehog box please?


Hi Hedgie Lover,

Trying to stop the neighbourhood cats from stealing the hedgehogs dinner is a constant battle, their amoeba like bodies seem to be able to contort and twist into the narrowest of gaps; just when you think you have won a new one turns up with even more advanced super natural powers and you are back to square one. Most of the hedgehog holes in our garden measure around 3 ½” inches high x 4 ¼” wide and at least one cat can still squeeze through so an additional brick has been placed in front. Even the largest hogs can still get through without any problems, I have witnessed them squeeze into much smaller gaps and having smaller holes also ensures that badgers and foxes can’t gain entrance either. I used to take a fairly relaxed approach to the neighbourhood felines as long as they couldn’t get into the feeding station, but the ruthless assassin now living next door – I have renamed him Genghis! – has changed all that. Despite wearing a bell this once sweet and cuddly kitten has turned into our wildlife’s worst nightmare. He pays little attention to the kitten biscuits under his nose…Oh no, he prefers his meals with a pulse! Over the last few weeks he has revelled in leaving his latest lifeless victims outside our front door including fledgling songbirds, a frog and wood mouse, even his feline house mate gives him a wide berth! Thankfully, most of the garden is surrounded by hawthorn and pyracantha hedging so with just a bit of extra cat-proofing, only the most determined cats can now gain access. As a result the hogs can now dine al fresco which they seem to prefer – even in the rain – the food in the feeding station is barely touched. 🙂