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Just a note re. rechargeable batteries. Each battery has the two figures shown on it the V and Ah.

All rechargeable batteries I have come across only have 1.2V as opposed to ordinary batteries 1.5V. Most night cams need 6V, so that you need to have at the very least 5 rechargeable batteries (to make up 6V) and you will probably find that you need more and most cameras work best with 8. Some need 8 anyway.

The Ah figure is related to how long the charge is held. So the higher the figure, the longer the rechargeable batteries are likely to last. It’s better to get batteries with as high Ah figure as you can. Preferably at least 2500 as Alcuza suggests. The cheaper batteries, which you tend to find in solar lights, etc, only have 1200Ah so will not last nearly as long and are probably not worth using in a night camera. If the charge starts to go before the night is over, you may find that the camera starts misbehaving – flashing on and off when on video, taking very short clips, etc. Very annoying, so best to use batteries with the higher Ah.

How long the batteries last is related to how you use the camera. If you are using it for photos the batteries will last very much longer than if you are using it for video. Even with video. If, for instance, you have one hog visiting twice a night the batteries will last much longer than if you have multiple hogs visting a few times a night, hogs deciding to do their courtship circling in front of the camera, mice flitting backwards and forwards and, of course, a variety of cats visiting.

Rechargable batteries will become less efficient as they get older and are likely to need recharging more often.