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I seem to have more and more hedgehogs visiting – there must be about 10 of them. When I first started feeding them, I used to feel a bit not satisfied if I didn’t see a hedgehog before I went to bed – now it’s a case of – if I don’t see 3 in the feeding station each night at the same time. Each night I see at least two in the feeding station together.

I got my mum round to hedgehog watch with me on Sunday night – it took about 10mins wait for a hedgehog to turn up, and then another one shortly arrived after that – I used to wait all night to see if one turns up, but now I only have to wait up to 20mins.

That’s why they are getting through so much food, as each hedgehog that visits only eats a small amount each time, but all together, they end up eating a lot.

I found my water dish from Riverside wildlife, isn’t big enough now – as most nights most of the water has gone, so I’ve got a gravel tray now and filled it up with water. I’m still gonna use the little water dish as they’ve got used to it – they have a nibble, then come out and have a drink of water – so I don’t want to upset their routine.

I have no idea where all these hedgehogs are coming from – but perhaps not many people are feeding them in this area, or even know they are here.

Because there is so many, I’m finding it really difficult to distinguish each one, I realise it’s gonna take me a while to work out who is who.

I bought a hedgehog home a while ago, and so far it hasn’t been touched – but this weekend, someone has been in to have a look around – I find straw really useful, as it flattens or they make a hole through it – so it’s a good way to see if you’ve had a visitor – I’ve got straw in the home, but put it in the tunnel aswell, as it’s easy for me to see the straw in the tunnel, so I don’t have to disturb anyone if they are nesting in it.