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Home Forums Champions’ chat Feeling really disheartened Reply To: Feeling really disheartened


I love the camera- it’s one of those things that you can’t live without – and I feel like that after only a week of using it.

The feeding station has got one hole but it’s only 4inch by 4inch – it was originally 5inch square, but the cats where getting in every night – so made it smaller and it’s deterred the cats away – the cats that visit are only interested in hedgehog watching, they now leave the food alone. So the fox, with it being big – it certainly cannot fit into the feeding station.

So I don’t think he’s interested in the food (well he might be it’s just he can’t access it), when he appears, he is not near the feeding station, rather he hides near where the I put the hedgehog house, as it’s a sheltered spot but the highway for the hedgehogs to come in. I decided to place the camera so it aims on this highway (it’s the part of my garden which separates the communal back garden to my side garden, covered in bushes and trees, but there’s a little space between the bushes which is now used as a path by the hedgehogs to enter into my garden – hedgehog highway).

When I sit on the porch at night, I can only see the feeding station, the camera isn’t on the feeding station.

So the fox knows their route, and waits for them I think, and I think it prefers the bushes as it can hide from me when I sit on the porch.

I just hope maybe he’s seen these small moving things at night, and decided to investigate and see if he can eat them, but I hope he realises that they are spikey and decide to give up.

But I guess if there is food on offer, in reality he probably won’t give up and keep trying. after all, with urban foxes, they can’t access bins any more as the wheeley bins are virtually fox proof now. Plus, there are parks and green spaces around me, but I haven’t seen any wild rabbits in them, so I can’t see that he has much food on offer.

Some people feed foxes to put them off the hedgehogs, but I’m not going to do this, because the fox will definitely come every night if there is food on offer, and i don’t want this. What I’m hoping is that when the hedgehogs hibernate, the fox will also disappear and hopefully find somewhere new to hunt. But in reality, it will probably come back again in the spring or summer.

What I’m unhappy about is that I thought the hedgehog house was in a good spot, well it is, but it’s disappointing that the fox waits in the same area for hedgehogs, so now it’s make the home an unsafe spot – I can’t think of anywhere else to put it. But I think I’ll just leave it there for now.