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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Still very active and eating for England! Reply To: Still very active and eating for England!


Hi Nic
Thanks for that very interesting. Yes it’s more a bit of biffing, pushing out the way and on this mornings video a bit of vocal complaining.
In the early days they would feed literally side by side from the same dish, but not any more! Hetty won’t tolerate Cutie sharing the same dish.
The reason I think they are both females is due to scrutiny of the videos.
When they lift their legs up for a scratch, neither look like they have any tackle 😂

There is no doubt that both are nesting in the garden and that’s what prompted me to ask the question about two females residing in the same garden.
I have two sheds, both on a very large patio at the top of the garden and quite sheltered from the elements.

Hetty took up residence a long time ago and she has always been very vocal if the day is too hot or the garden is a bit noisy.
More recently, Cutie made a nest under the big shed on the other side of the garden. It is evident that Cutie is not quite as adept as Hetty at nest building as you can see a little bit of the straw she has taken for the nest from one end of the shed just poking out and each night Cutie emerges with just a little bit of straw caught on the spikes or it’s trailing behind Plus Cutie always comes out of and returns to the same spot .
When I get up really early my last glimpse is the hogs disappearing under their prospective shed and I can hear them both settling in under their sheds for the days sleep.
The only thing I’m unsure about is the resident in the hog house. I think it’s Big Bruiser but as I would not want to disturb I haven’t looked!
Earlier in the year I filled it with straw, not expecting a resident – the only reason I put the straw in was to keep it dry. As previously Hetty had taken the straw from the hog box to replenish her nest under the shed.

I think it may be Bruiser but whoever is in there is very large, because although it has catches on to secure it down, one side has come undone and when the occupant moves the lid lifts, so I have covered with a bit of tarpaulin to keep out the elements and secured at the sides with large stones – I don’t want to put anything heavy on top just in case I spoil the space and comfort inside!

Thanks again for the info, best wishes and happy hog watching. x