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I got told by the hedgehog hospital to give the two young hogs, when I rescued them to give them mushed up wet dog food. I told her that I will do and will give them spikes semi-moist, which she was okay with, but she had a preference for wet dog food.

Also I got an email from Grace from Hedgehog Street the other day, it was about looking after hedgehogs now that winter is close (everyone here should have got the same info) and it said ‘best thing to feed them on is wet dog or cat food.

I had stopped giving them the wet food a few weeks ago, as I have heard conflicting advice about it by people saying it freezes when it’s cold, attracts flies in the summer, can go off.

But it appears now, the hedgehog experts are prefering it over specialist hedgehog food.

Anyway, with the two I rescued, I had a small bowl and mashed up some wet dog food, sprinkled some spikes semi-moist in and sprinkled some go-cat biscuits in and mixed it together – and it went down a treat.

Does anyone know why the hedgehog experts are telling us to put wet dog or cat food down, rather than advise us to put specialist hedgehog food?

I presume it must be because tins of dog or cat food can be easy to get hold of? Or is it because it’s richer and they can put more fat on.

I have found, over the summer, that one dish of wet food will only feed one or maybe two (if the second one is lucky) as they wolf the whole lot down in one go. Whereas the dried food can last all night and feed all the hedgehogs that come to visit.

So over the summer I put both down. At the moment, with the outside hedgehogs, I’m just putting dried food down, so should I start putting the wet food out again alongside the dried? I stopped as I thought it would just freeze?