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Home Forums Champions’ chat what on earth was that? Reply To: what on earth was that?


Nope – it did work for about 2 nights (perhaps 3), but it got used to it, so I put even more down that following day, when I realised it wasn’t working, hoping that would do the trick, and no it didn’t work.

So I guess it was a good way to trial it out before I followed the advice from someone who works in conservation for wildlife, and bought an expensive bottle of tiger or lion urine (amazon sells mountain lion urine from canada about $30 for quite a small bottle – would only last one day).

Someone else suggested coyote urine, that might actually work, apparently they use it in north canada, and rangers put it on christmas trees, to deter people chopping them down and using them for decoration, because, according to the guy who said it, the urine freezes, and when they bring it indoors, it unfreezes and it makes their house smell horrendous, so it must have a very powerful disgusting smell – but couldn’t find anywhere that smells it, plus if it smelt that bad, no doubt it would also deter all the hedgehogs, so I thought, waste of time.

The videos haven’t picked up on the fox trying to grab a hedgehog, but it’s started to sniff near the hedgehog home which I’m deeply upset about, and it goes in the crouching position sometimes, possibly when there is a hedgehog in the feeding station,

Now, because I can’t cope with what the fox might do, if I see a video i close it down as soon as I get a glimpse of it and delete – I just couldn’t bear to see it.

Your a true champion aswell, given by what you post, we are on here. We all share the same obsession which is nice.

What I’ve done wrong with this hedgehog, Sweetpea, is that I have checked on her too many times, it’s been better when I’ve had to go out and leave her in total quietness.

No doubt, I will be rescuing again, especially next autumn, so I’ll do it differently then.

It’s because I’m constantly worried about her – she did a beige coloured poo earlier, and no green, but was slightly mucusy, which the mucus poos has only just happened today, I can’t help thinking it might have been something I’ve done wrong, have I given her too much food, I probably have cos she’s put on 77g in 4 days which is quite a lot.

Thankfully, she’s in a medium sized hamster cage so I’ve not needed the worry of her escaping. And she’s relaxed now and doesn’t try to escape – but that’s another worry – is she relaxed or is she lethargic cos she’s ill?

I’m glad she’s off to hospital tmrw, as it’s actually quite stressful.