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Hi Annie

So sorry to hear about your eye problems. Sounds really frightening. Can’t believe they kept you waiting so long with such a serious problem! I hope the check up went well and that the hole has sealed up.

I haven’t managed to keep the cat out, despite so many obstacles that the camera doesn’t normally even see Siili when she’s there! There are times when I see her, but the camera doesn’t. I got a new camera, just before Christmas. I got it from the Naturespy Shop. I was really impressed. I rang up the Friday afternoon before Christmas, expecting not to get it until after Christmas, but it arrived Saturday morning with the post. They persuaded me to try some lithium batteries and so far they are working well. So much easier than changing the rechargeable ones every day!

It was so sad about Frankie, but if they are older, it isn’t so easy to train them to stay in at night. Some can be almost semi-wild animals. But you gave him a lovely life, he was lucky to find you. I love the story of the attempted litter tray training! I had a cat once who someone asked me to take on (years ago), when he was a bit older and he had always been a roamer – for miles. He was so desperate to get out (when I first had him and he was confined to quarters) that I once only just managed to catch him with about half of him already out of the top bathroom window (upstairs). Not sure where he thought he was going after that! I was so worried he was going to end up falling (he didn’t make it any easier, of course!). The poor chap was eventually run over on the nearby railway.

Sorry to hear about the poor little hog. There must be some that just don’t get seen.

Siili is keeping me worrying by not turning up every night! She had started coming earlier. The other night I was a bit late putting out the food and suddenly came face to face with her. I froze, but she still knew I was there. Her little nose went up in the air and then she turned round and dashed off into the night. I was actually quite pleased that she has got back her natural instincts and she came back about 10 minutes later, by a different route. But last night she was missing again and also no cats. Very strange that often happens that when she doesn’t visit, neither do they. But recently she usually gets here first, which is good.

I hope the builders really have installed hog holes, too. Yes, I think those nesting bricks sound brilliant too. What a difference it would make if they put those in every new house (and extension) which was built. I wish more people would decide not to block their roof holes. At least lots of people put up boxes, these days.

Won’t be long now until the boys come out of hibernation.