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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Poo spotted despite builder's mess… Reply To: Poo spotted despite builder's mess…


Hi Nic

Oh that’s good you’ve seen a frog in the pond, love their faces, probably not the only one in there.

Not good about the camera, what a pain, not very good of them to be so disinterested either. Inventive of you using a bit of calendar to fix the clasp on the original camera, needs must & best way anyhow doing it yourself.

Sadly, litter picking yesterday I went up the road to pick up whatever was in the road & found it was a hedgehog. First I’ve seen killed on the road here for at least 12 years when I saw the last one. Less traffic but still managed to get the timing all wrong, so sad. It’s a fast corner, no time to get out of the way even if they knew how.

The litter situation has improved at last, doing it regularly you start to get the oldest bits appearing, as the foliage is dying back because of no rain it gets easier to find too, even if it’s pretty embedded. Just realised, not a single Mcdonalds container, so glad they’re closed, not one for miles but they usually toss them out of the car windows onto the verges. So dry, we need some rain, not least because idiots are lighting fires in the countryside & burning large areas of scrub & trees. Idle hands & all that but they always do it.

Hedgehogs still busy eating all the food in the dish & drinking lots of water as well as paddling in the bowl! I’ve ordered own brand food from Ark as I can’t get any hog food locally, bought a few extra bags of Mr Johnson from Wilkinsons a few weeks ago when life was on the edge of normal& I’m glad I did. Also ordered calciworms from them as they recommend them for bone health in hogs. Won’t ever contemplate buying mealworms again for the birds (haven’t for some years since reading on here) as every extra one a hog eats is going to add to those they eat elsewhere & ultimately do such awful harm.

Be nice if your rather bumptious hog has found a girl elsewhere so he can leave yours in peace. 3 different cats on camera every night here but my anti cat brickwork & flowerpots are 100% successful happily. They just have to satisfy themselves with watching the hogs & mice & sitting directly in front of the camera so I can see nothing but close up cat fur. Robins here are a delight, so tame & so attentive.

Shopping I have to do on foot, once a week as I can only carry so much. I bought a small insulated shopping trolley a while ago that I can manage at Lidl as there’s room downstairs to put shopping in it from their trolley away from people. Not observing the spacing in there which is a huge worry as I have an immune deficiency disease apart from anything else. Lovely walk anyway, alongside a river partly, green park, all pretty quiet & calm. Hard work for you doing 2 shops at once, lucky friend. Had a mixed box of fruit & veg delivered last week from the local market & going to keep doing that from now on, lovely fruit & good mix of veg. Sign of the times we’re in but it might become a permanent part of life for a lot of us as things have to adjust.

Stay safe & well, be nice to hear how your hogs are doing.