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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Poo spotted despite builder's mess… Reply To: Poo spotted despite builder's mess…

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Hi Annie

Well that blobbed hog turned out not to be Igel – it was a male, who looks very like her on video, but there are slight differences. She has now turned up (also blobbed, but not quite as bad) and if she isn’t pregnant by now, it won’t be for want of trying!

Her first suitor was a bit of a gentleman and waited patiently whilst she was eating, although made up for lost time afterwards. She seems to have had at least two different suitors – one was seen walking on his back legs across the grass attached to her in almost toad like fashion. He certainly didn’t want any other hogs to sneak in and take possession! Needless to say there was also one male hog who just ate, whilst she stood watching – no manners! But, like with you, they’ve also making a bit of a mess of the flower beds in some areas.

After a lot of fairly frantic activity for a few nights, everything has got much quieter again. They are mostly sticking to their social distancing and turning up to eat one at a time, bar the occasional rolling up.

Interesting about the calciworms. Here the birds don’t seem to be too keen on them, but it looks as if the hogs are eating them. But there are some magpies who turn up early in the morning and finish off any hog food that’s left – but there isn’t always any. Probably shouldn’t say it – tempting fate – but ratty hasn’t been back. But yes, they are intelligent animals – I had some friends at school who had them as pets. Although, not sure I’d want, a rat’s tail in my mouth – even if it was a tame rat!

Not a lot of luck with the seeds, I think most of them were just too old, but I did manage to get a packet of rocket seed at the supermarket last time I went. I’m giving the others a bit more chance to grow, even though it isn’t looking promising, before sowing the new ones instead. I have actually got a bag which I have grown spuds in before, but it’s a question of space – need to leave enough room for the hogs! Also still hoping Siili might be back, so wouldn’t want her to find it too different.

Hope you stay safe and well, too.