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Sorry to dig up an old thread but I saw some mention in here about the voltage on rechargeable vs non rechargeable battteries & I’ve got some info on that which some might find useful. Yes rechargeable batteries have 1.2v but they keep that voltage right up until just before the charge runs out, standard none rechargeable batteries on the other hand might start at 1.5v but that voltage quickly drops and actually ends up at 1.2v & eventually lower at around 1.1v. I spent a while researching all about it and there’s numerous sites online which have ran tests that clearly show the voltage drop where as a rechargeable battery keeps the 1.2v all the way until the battery is virtually out of charge

So picture it this way using a torch for an example, with a normal battery the light might start very bright but it’ll become dimmer and continue to dim until the batteries are dead where as with a rechargeable battery the light will start bright & stay that way until just before the charge in the batteries has depleted and then it’ll stop working.

So in terms of using trail cameras & using the info I now know about the voltage drop of standard batteries, rechargeables are actually what you want to use as with normal batteries when the voltage starts dropping and ends up below 1.2 the camera could start to misbehave due to the low voltage like activating when it shouldn’t or not capturing movement at all etc

I’ve been using a Victure HC200 trail camera for a few months now, it’s a budget one that cost around £50 but so far it’s working perfectly, I’m using LDR (Low discharge rate) rechargeable batteries with it.