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There has, perhaps been some misunderstanding. I was saying that BHPS recommend (on their website) cat/dog/meaty hog food. I wouldn’t want anyone feeding other brands of cat/dog/meaty hog food to think they were doing the wrong thing. I probably can’t do much better than quote again BHPS’s current advice which has now been slighly updated:

“To supplement their diet in the wild, please offer hedgehogs either a good quality meaty hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or dry biscuits for cats. TIP: Check meat is first ingredient listed.
Only ever offer water to drink.”

I have spoken to BHPS today and they confirmed that is correct. They (as an organisation) do not specifically recommend Spikes hedgehog food over the foods mentioned in the quote above. You may wish to check with them again to confirm that.

This information from Vale Wildlife is also useful re. Feeding.

But the best other thing we can all do is to make our gardens as hog friendly as possible and encourage others to do likewise, so that the hogs are able to find some of their own natural food as well. Whilst also linking gardens by making hog holes in fences to create a hedgehog highway.

As said, hogs will use all sorts of things in their nests if they have access to them (including litter if they happen to find it). The thing about wood shavings is that the hogs won’t necessarily always be using your ‘dry as bone’ hog houses – they may choose to build a nest elsewhere. Wood shavings aren’t something they would find naturally, but as many naturally found materials as are available could be useful to them.

Other people read these posts for ideas and don’t always comment themselves, so it’s useful for people in general to know that wood shavings are not ideal as an alternative to leaves, other than, maybe, in your particular circumstances. My own personal feeling is that it is better for the hogs to use the more natural materials they have been using for millions of years. Both from the waterproofing aspect and the insulation aspect. i.e. medium sized leaves, long grasses etc.

You’re welcome. I always have the best interests of the hogs at heart and so am happy to help them in any way I can.