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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings New hedgehog resident, know little about them but looking for advice Reply To: New hedgehog resident, know little about them but looking for advice

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Hi DazP92

Welcome to the Forum!

If a hog poos in a house being used for feeding, yes, definitely clear them out daily. Hogs will poo around feeding areas and that is best cleaned regularly.

If it is a house a hog is in, they should only be cleaned out if you are absolutely certain that a hog is not in residence. Disturbing a hog whilst it’s in a nest is best avoided, although most don’t seem to poo in their nests. The exception to that might be where a hog has been in care and become accustomed to pooing in whatever container it is being kept in. i.e. it might continue to do that after release.

But if, as it sounds a hog has just wandered in and pooed in there, ie. has not started builidng a nest, I would clean it out. If you do clean it out, you should not use chemicals, but they are best cleaned with boiling water to kill any parasite eggs which may have been left behind.

Most hogs prefer to do their own interior decorations so it’s best to only put in a handful of material to give them the idea and leave loads of other suitabale materials available in your garden. i.e. don’t be too tidy. Medium sized leaves are their preference but also long grasses are useful for binding it all together. They will also sometimes pick a certain amount of green material. I’ve seen one on video tugging away at plants!

Re. the food, I agree, I would be inclined to offer a little more – it will only take you a day or two to work out if you are leaving too much. Some meaty hog foods are ok. BHPS tip is to check that meat is the first ingredient. But if you have found something the hogs like it’s best not to change it – they can be fussy little things and like what they’re used to! So as long as it’s meaty cat/dog/hog food or cat/kitten biscuits it should be ok.

You might like to see Hedgehog Street information re. linking gardens:

You can put photos on Hedgehog Street by going to the Home page then click on Gallery then upload images. You will find there is loads more information on Hedgehog Street – well worth exploring and may answer some questions you didn’t even know you had!