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Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Help! I’ve got rats. Reply To: Help! I’ve got rats.

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Hi Scottiebear

Sorry not to reply sooner, but I had already said pretty much all the ideas I had.

Sadly I have been getting the occasional rat visiting all winter, even though there was no hog food and only very occasional bird food. They seemed to ‘know’ when some bird food had been left out and visited after that. I don’t know if there are more rats around than there used to be, but these have been more perisistent than any previously.

The hogs here haven’t returned yet, even though there is usually one back by 3rd March. Maybe because they ‘know’ there is no food. But when they do return (hopefully!). I plan to sprinkle cat/kitten biscuits on the lawn – spread out fairly thinly, so that the hogs will at least have a chance to get some and it will be harder work for the rats. It is quite natural for the hogs to have to forage for food. But if rat numbers increase (only 2 seen so far) I might have to think again.

It must be even more frustrating for you, having them come from your next door garden. There is also the added potential problem that if they decide to do something about the rats, the hogs may get caught up in that. It might be worth having a chat with your neighbour(s) and make sure that they know there are hogs around and what steps need to be taken to make sure no hedgehog can be accidentally caught in a trap or eat poisoned bait – should they decide to go down that route. Hogs are protected by law and it is the responsibility of anyone setting traps putting out poisoned bait, etc. that they ensure that they are sited so that a hedgehog cannot be trapped or poisoned by such things, even by mistake.

Good luck. Hope those rats disappear!