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Hi Wobblez,

Cats aren’t usually a problem for hedgehogs, in fact one of our regulars has been known to head butt the odd one or two!

We have had a huge problem with cats, but then it’s hardly surprising when we place cat food under their noses!

The best solutions I have found so far are:

• Try using dry cat biscuits in the feeding station, they don’t give off the same irresistible odour so the felines are less likely to attempt a break in. The defences only seem to have been breached when wet cat or dog food has been on offer.

• Place saucers on top of the feeding dishes, the hedgehogs have no problems removing them, but the cats rarely manage it. I did catch one removing one on video once, but thankfully the following evening it had been erased from its memory. Unfortunately I haven’t yet managed to train the hogs to put them back on when they have finished and the more persistent cats will hang around and wait for the hogs to do the job for them!

• Place a large shallow seed tray or similar filled to the brim with water in front of the entrance to the feeding station leaving just enough room for the hogs to squeeze through. Cats hate getting wet so this usually does the trick.

As long as they don’t steal too much of the hedgehogs dinner I have stopped worrying about them, they can actually be quite entertaining. I have put together just a few of my favourite clips – you’ll see what I mean…