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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared


Hi Nic

That blue footed hedgehog must have been enjoying the rest when he was so slow off the mark, lucky for him you sat up to make sure his supper was replaced for him after the boys ate it all.

I didn’t realise rats ate worms either, doesn’t seem quite the type of food for them does it but I guess they eat whatever comes along.

Hubby’s looking for help on the internet for the camera problem as it’s being a total pain, more to do with the method of playing back than the camera itself apparently, all beyond me!

Our light is motion activated & would confuse the infrared aspect of the camera & make everything invisible, have to think about that a bit too.

I know what you mean about flattened plants due to the dancing, have found damage here too, little scallywags. Lot of activity every evening, a strange cat frightened the smallest hog the other night, it scurried off & hid til the cat had gone. The cat tried in vain to get at the food, inspected the inside of the cat house, sniffed around where the hog had been & left, shortly afterwards followed by a very territorial looking Frank who’d been watching out of the window.

The quantity of poo is amazing some mornings, I have to wash it all away as I’ll step in it otherwise. They trample in it themselves without any help from me!

Mucho rain for a few days now, hooray! I have a bug hotel made of cut up pallets, wondered if a hog might use the bottom but doesn’t look like it. Also have a pond made of a small earthenware glazed pot (around 1′ across, 18″ high), put lot of pebbles in to make it safe if anybody climbed in & planted an aquatic plant which thrives in it. Had a dragonfly hover over it last year but no egg laying. Numerous solitary bee houses along the fence but only one has any occupants.

How are Digger & friends?