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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared

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Grr!! Had just typed out half a reply and the page suddenly jumped and when I got back to the reply bit it had all disappeared. Does that ever happen to you, or is it just my antiquated computer?

Anyway, as I was saying:

Good news, one of the ‘missing’ girls has turned up. But, very quiet tonight – only a few visits from two of the girls – no Digger – and one of last year’s hoglets. The boys seem to be elsewhere tonight. The dratted rat has been here. I sometimes wonder whether the hogs don’t like it. Yesterday, when it was not here there were more hogs. I have taken the food in now, as I don’t want the rat to get any of it. Did you see, elsewhere, my not very good description, about the hog who flipped a hog over the top of another one? The poor hog who got caught up in the middle of that made a hasty retreat!

My camera does infra red as well, but seems to work and still take b/w video when the light is on. Not really sure how these things work either – maybe it is because it is not one of the really bright lights? Hope you get yours sorted out soon. Once you have one, you really don’t want to be without it.

Good old Frank seeing off the cat. Don’t want cats scaring the hogs!

The poos! Don’t know how I manage it, but I am always treading in it, even though I know it is always there.

I hope we really are going to get some rain here. They said there would be some yesterday, but we only had a light sprinkling. They said there should be some here by now, tonight, but no sign. I put the covers out for the hogs all to no avail.

Interesting you mention the dragonfly. I have had them visit once or twice in the past, but that was before I had the ponds. I keep hoping they will come back. Ungrateful bees, not using your bee houses! I might have mentioned before, but we had some straw on a pallet a few years back, and when we got down to the bottom discovered there was a hedgehog underneath it all. I suppose it must have been really well insulated under there. Good idea to use one as a bug hotel, so you can keep it all reasonably tidy and still provide lots of nesting places for the bugs.