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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared


Hi Nic & Penny

Oh Nic, so sorry about the little hog, it’s always a Bank holiday when things go badly wrong. You did right by him/her & thank goodness it was you who found it & were able to protect it from further harm & get it where someone could alleviate its pain & hopefully more besides.

I expect the hogs could smell it when they came, think it would put me off my free supper too if it was me.

My next door neighbour strimmed her front garden yesterday & sometime will do the back which is about 18″ high, I did warn her to take care & look out for hedgehogs, she knows they’re around here but it’s all too easy to hurt them as we know.

I do my local neighbourhood too re litter, as a volunteer with Keep Wales Tidy, they provide the picker, gloves, bags & hoop to keep it open & a nice fluorescent waistcoat so nobody runs me over! And they insure me in case somebody actually does or I fall in a hedge or something.

Yuckety yuck re eating poo, lots of bags of that in hedges left by charming dog owners too lazy to take them home. Watched our regular girl hog on camera last night stop & inspect a huge slug, she wasn’t impressed.

Hilarious description about the blackbird’s crispy frog Penny, one of our cats used to bring frogs in through the catflap & if I didn’t spot them & let them go would come across their poor little dehydrated crispy bodies on the carpet behind a chair. I’m not laughing at the frogs, wish cats didn’t feel the need to collect everything that moves if it’s smaller than them – & sometimes when it’s bigger. A friendly Burmese cat used to visit us & steal our cats’ toys & he also liked sticks, he tried to carry a 6′ beanpole out of our garden, over a 3′ wall & through a 5′ thick hedge. Dropped it on the wall in disgust eventually but you had to give him points for trying.

Glad Sven has succeeded with his latest brood, just realised I haven’t actually seen our blackbird pair with babies in the garden yet, just the adults but even them not as often as usual. Hopefully they had their nest further from here than last year, they were taking nesting materials a few weeks ago & he sings on the rooftops every evening, I can hear him now.

Hope your hogs return when the smell fades Nic & your garden becomes a nice place for you all again. I also hope the news is better than expected for little hog.