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Home Forums Champions’ chat Dried insects with good Ca:P ratio Reply To: Dried insects with good Ca:P ratio

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Hi WildCaz

Good luck with the new food trials.

Talking about gardens and their value for wildlife. Did you see on TV ‘The British Garden’ with Chris Packham, etc. They were looking at about 5 different gardens and were expecting the overgrown one would have the most diversity. In fact, it turned out that it had the least, but what they didn’t go into was the quantities of the different species. So I suppose the overgrown garden could still potentially be a better food source, with just not so much variety of different species. They seemed to think the main differing factor was there were more flowers in the other gardens. The one that came out top was one which had hedges, fruit trees, etc. but wasn’t too tidy and had wild areas, but was not overgrown.

The other interesting thing was they were identifying the foxes by their facial markings. I expect a lot of people think all foxes look the same, like they do with hedgehogs.

Penny glad to hear your new hog hole is working well. There are some hogs here who seem to be expert at avoiding the cams too. Certain ones seldom, if ever get caught by the cams. Not sure how they manage it!

Willpar. Coincidence you should mention letting the lawn grow a bit longer. I have been doing the same. There is a fair bit of clover and I thought it was a shame to deprive the bees of it. The hoglets, in particular seem to be liking it and they have been caught on the cams several times foraging on it.