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Hi Penny

Oh dear! that collision with the birdbath bird looked as if it could have been painful. Poor hog! I see the hogs are refusing to roll up. I seem to be going through a spell with fewer boys visiting at the moment, so not as much aggression. The Boss hog seems to be doing a fair bit of patrolling but, perhaps all the girls are less interesting at the moment. I am amazed he is still boss hog – this must be the third year.

It’s so sad when people block the nesting holes. The birds don’t do any harm. I seem to have had a bumper year for starlings this year. Some were nesting in my roof, but there seem to be about 4 families, with 4 youngsters each. Quite a crowd when they all descend at once on the bird tables.

I sometimes wonder what I am going to do with all the hawthorn seedlings too. Might end up with a complete thicket! – my garden isn’t that big. But hawthorns can make lovely trees, although I will have to keep mine as bushes. I also seem to get a fair few dogwood seedlings as well.

Glad to hear you have some hoglets there now. Now the ones here are growing a bit, I am beginning to wonder whether there are actually 4. I have seen three at the same time, but their markings are beginning to be a bit different from each other now, so they’re getting easier to tell apart.

I have seen the hog who used to come through the building site garden the last few nights, which is a relief, but no work has been done there for about a week. At least she wasn’t buried under the last lot of cement which was poured in. I will be glad when the building work is over and things can settle down for the hogs again.

Have had a bit of a disaster with all my hog videos and photos – stupidly mostly on one USB flash drive and now it is refusing to let me access it/them and tells me it needs formatting. Of course, if I do that everything will be wiped off – about 30 GB. It was meant to be my task for the winter to pick out the best bits. I suppose the only consolation is that it isn’t a load of irreplaceable family photos potentially lost, and I have seen them all and recorded the comings and goings. I have tried different USB ports and a different computer, but no luck. Not giving up quite yet, so if you have any ideas?

Talking about cams, etc. one of my cams has picked up bats a few times, which is really interesting – luckily not on the misbehaving flash drive. To start with I thought I was seeing really big moths, but more recently I have been able to see the wings better and the ears and even one catching a moth. That cam is near a buddleia, so loads of moths around for them to eat. An unexpected bonus.