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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared


Hi Nic

The camera I bought is a Trail Spy Motion Camera from UK Wildlife Cameras, it’s excellent as is yours for daylight & not bad for night, bit dazzly on the subject & not sure where to aim it for the best focus & coverage so still experimenting with the best position. Frank almost seems to be performing for it the way he goes in & out of the gate at night with just minutes between , would love to know what he’s doing it for! Apart from the mouse I mentioned & a couple of cats nothing at all captured, once or twice it’s taken 3 pictures of sweet nothing (maybe somebody moved very fast) & one evening I set it up a bit early & people behind were shoveling gravel their side of the fence & it must have picked up the movement in the gap under the fence as it went off then. It’s set to take 3 pics in succession with 3 seconds delay before going off again. The batteries in it are super duper strong Duracell but I bought some more expensive lithium batteries to use eventually.

Unfortunately my pigeon friend spread the word & brought his/her extended family from far & wide & I’ve had to fit clematis rigid plastic netting over one of the feeders they learned to access today to persuade them to go elsewhere! It gets like a scene from Hitchcock’s film The Birds when they take off together & they eat too much of the food. Pigeon still comes for preferential treatment but I’ve had a word with him about his pals.

A dunnock came & sussed out getting through the netting no problem & I expect the sparrows & starlings will get it soon too. The jackdaws will be a bit miffed as they won’t get in but they can get in the other feeder. They’ve brought their babies here & it’s comical watching the babies trying to get on the fatball feeder or standing on tippy toes on the fence waiting for it to swing in their direction to have a stab at the ball! I only put one ball at a time in it because the jackdaws were eating 10 a day when I filled it….. one is awkward for them to get at so works well as sparrows & starlings manage fine. There’s a jackdaw who looks very old & grey & is extremely grumpy with everybody else, reminds me of General Woundwort in Watership Down somehow. Nobody tangles with him, not even the other adult jackdaws.

Well done getting the videos of bats, we have them flying over here but glad to say much too high for Frank though there are a lot of evening primroses in the garden which would attract moths. Hope they stay up high.

Is Digger still looking large or has she had more hoglets for you to enjoy? Hopefully your neighbours are feeding healthy food & not too much fattening/unhealthy stuff. Bought semi moist Spike today from a shop I didn’t know sold it so it’ll be out every night now just in case rather than the dry stuff I was using which the slugs seem to have finished for me.

How are all your new hoglets, getting big ready for winter I hope?