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Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared Reply To: Our little hog friend of last year hasn't reappeared

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Hi Annie

It took me a while to work out where to put the camera too. To start with I aimed it at the gate, but it was a bit restrictive, so I moved it so it shows lawn, path, flower bed and gate in the distance. It means that I can see more around the white light patch. In between night and day is a bit impossible – looks like a snow scene. I keep wondering whether, if I put it up higher, the light patch might not be so intrusive, but then I would have to aim it downwards, so maybe it wouldn’t make any difference – and I would probably miss out on the bats. My cam seems to be set off with nothing to show for it, too – more than half the time on the lawn cam. The other one seems to be less sensitive, but doesn’t always even notice the hogs! But there still seem to be plenty of vidoes with nothing much on them. Just missed hogs?

I think Frank must be very clever and knows that his photo is being taken – trying to get his best angle.

I was always worried about that with the pigeons here, but mostly, thank goodness, I normally only get two at a time. I see great flocks of them on the fields, so definitely don’t want them getting any ideas! Pigeon definitely needs a talking to – could get completely out of hand! The starlings are bad enough, here, at the moment – they are so noisy and quarrelsome and there are so many of them, that they frighten everyone else away. And when a load of them get into the bird bath together, there is water everywhere. It’s amazing how clever the birds are, at working out new things – specially when there is food involved. Would love to see the baby jackdaws waiting for the fat ball to swing their way so they can stab it. The old jackdaw must be extremely grumpy if he is like General Woundwort!

Sadly, the excessive marker has started up again and some hogs have turned up here with completely unnecessarily large blobs on them. And not only one large blob on each hog, but several. If anyone truly loved hedgehogs I cannot see how they could do that to them – it is so unkind to the hogs. There is absolutely no reason for it, however much some people like to convince themselves otherwise. No-one has the right to interfere with wildlife in that way. Looking at hogs not blobs is so much more rewarding anyway.

The nearby building site has burst into action again after a short lull in activities. It is now decidely hog unfriendly. Broken pipes, torn bits of some sort of fabric, great holes and piles of earth/rubbish, etc. not the sort of place for a hog to be and I just have to hope the poor things give it a wide berth.

The hogs are spending much more time on the lawn, now that I am leaving patches of it slightly longer. I think some of the hoglets have deserted my garden, now they are getting bigger, although at least one is still visiting nightly. They would be well big enough for hibernation already – they grow so quickly. I just hope it isn’t the mealworm feeding place they have gone to (though fear it may be) or the building site. Digger has been absent for about 4 nights now – always a bit of a worry – just hope the reason is hoglets. The other girls are still visting, but there has been a bit of a changing of the guard with the boys – I have been seeeing some that I haven’t seen since the spring.