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Hi Paul

Really pleased to hear that you are looking out for the hogs there in Sweden too.

Re. your questions

The hedgehog could have started hibernation already, although, you say that it is a juvenile and I find, here, that hoglets often hibernate a bit later. Here, the males tend to go off for hibernation first (and most of my male hedgehog visitors here have already disappeared) followed by the females and then the hoglets. But, it depends how much weight it has been able to put on. If it was plenty big enough it may have decided it was time. I have read that the hedgehogs on mainland Europe tend to be larger than the ones here in the UK, so I’m not sure how that affects hibernation, or even if it applies to Sweden as well. Perhaps you could let us know. Here, the recommended minimum weight required to survive hibernation is 450g.

Hedgehogs do, apparently, sometimes come out of hibernation during the winter and even move nests. It is best not to disturb them, as they may use up some of the energy they need to survive through hibernation and bring themselves out of their hibernating state in the Spring, so you are wise when you say you will leave the hog be until the Spring.

I would be inclined to keep putting out a bit of food and water for a while in case he is not properly hibernating yet and also if you see him out during the winter.

Hibernation is always a bit of a worrying time as it is a dangerous time for the hedgehogs and sadly, some won’t survive. Sounds like the little hog there has chosen a good nest and hopefully given himself a good chance. Here, if the hogs start hibernating in September, they may well be up and about by March, so not long, but not sure how the weather, etc. compares with there. Good luck. Hope the little chap does ok.