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Thank you Nic for your reply. The house I bought doesn’t have a separate tunnel like my old one. It is one piece, circular, with the entrance going round it. So it is shaped like a comma, with the tail of the comma being the entrance, if you know what I mean.
I placed the food dish in what I thought would be the most awkward place to get at but whoever it was persevered and after the third night the food had gone. I think there may be some feral cats round here. They’re certainly not friendly.
I do have a Labrador and she would do triple back flips for any food but think she would have arrived at the back door with a hogilo stuck on her head if she was the culprit.
Would a dog deter a hedge hog. I know she wouldn’t harm it as she has always given it a very wide berth, as she does the frogs and any other creatures we meet on our walks.
The new hog house at the moment is right up near the house, tucked away in a corner. It will be placed at the bottom of the garden in what is known as the wild area, with the log store, shed and compost heap and it’s partitioned off from the rest of the garden by laurel hedge, so it’s nice and quiet. The old hog house is down there under the laurels. Does that sound like a good place?
I didn’t see my hedgehog at all last year but have been spending most of the summer at my Caravan in Scotland, where we also have a visiting hedgehog. We also have rabbits and stoats up there, would a stoat harm a hedgehog?
The food I bought is called Spikes dinner.
Thanks again for your help.

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