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Disaster! πŸ˜•

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    Disaster has struck! My hedgehog feeding station has shattered!

    I had made a feeding station over a year ago from a storage box with a hole cut out at one end (as I’ve seen many examples of by others).

    All was good, the hogs knew where to find it, cats couldn’t eat the food…then, as I was replacing the food, I dropped the lid and it shattered. I think that the plastic must have gone brittle from being outside in all weathers but I was hoping to get a bit more than a years use age out of it.

    Now I’m faced with a decision:
    1. Buy another storage box for a couple of quid and make the same as before? (only for it to possibly break again next year)
    2. Buy a feeding station that is more money but will hopefully last longer? (such as this: Prickle pit stop feeding station)

    I think that option 2 is probably the best choice but I will miss being able to peak at the hogs inside (as the old feeding station was clear).

    What does everyone else think and what are your views on the feeding station on the link?

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    Hi Kissy

    I usually feed the hogs here out in the open, unless it is raining when I put a child’s plastic table over the food bowls to keep them dry. Like you, I like to see the hogs, but find that even the table gets in the way of that a bit. I only feed whilst I am up to watch – it is only supposed to be supplementary feeding after all – so am able to scare any cats away quite easily. Also, most cats aren’t interested in the hog food I use, so that might be an alternative idea for you. There are various types about, such as Ark Wildlife Hedgehog Mix or I Love Hedgehogs, which I use.

    Re. the respective merits of the two boxes. It seems to me it is mostly personal choice about appearance. You could have 10 years worth of plastic boxes for the same amount of money as the wooden one would cost and how much longer than 10 years is it going to last. And, as you say, you wouldn’t be able to see the hogs. Also, is the wooden one sufficiently cat proof anyway. Penny posted a picture of a brilliant cat proof feeding station box she made
    Section 3 and you will need to scroll down a bit.
    It has two entrances/exits, so a handy escape route if a grumpy hog goes in when there is another one already there and it has a partition just inside the entrance to deter the cats.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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