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Hoglets in my garden 😊

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Hoglets in my garden 😊

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    We often have hedgehogs hibernating in our garden but have never know a hedgehog to nest in our garden until now. We are pleased that we now have a mother and 6 hoglets in our garden. I have been reading up that they go out with their mothers for around 10 days then go their own ways. I live next to a duel carriageway and am worried that the
    hoglets will get run over once they leave. I was wondering if I should contact a local hedgehog care centre about taking them to a safer quieter location?

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    Hi Schnitzel1

    That’s so exciting that you have hoglets in your garden. Lucky you!

    The hoglets should definitely not be relocated. Sadly, there are hazards for hedgehogs wherever they go and they are best in the place they were born and where they have learnt where everything is, etc. In some ways a dual carriageway is safer than a country lane, because the hogs may be expecting vehicles there and avoid it.

    You might be interested in reading
    It is mostly about rehabilitated hedgehogs, but explains why they need to remain in their home territory.

    You will probably find that some if not all the hoglets will eventually disperse a bit into adjacent areas, so you may not continue seeing them all when they get a bit older. That is normal. They gradually widen the area they visit. It is very different from being relocated, where they wouldn’t know any of the area at all and would be likely to be completely disorientated and very stressed.

    Hedgehogs give us much joy but also much worry. That’s the nature of becoming ‘attached’ to wild animals. But they need to be wild and part of that is staying in the area where they belong.

    Good luck with all the hogs. Hope you continue to enjoy watching them.


    The best thing you can do is encourage all your neighbours to make holes in their fences to create a hedgehog highway so the hogs don’t need to head to the road


    Thanks for your reply’s. I will do what you have advised and just enjoy watching them until they leave. I will make sure they can get through to the next door neighbours too. Thanks again, I do feel very lucky to have them in my garden so want to make sure I help them anyway I can x

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    Hi Schnitzel1

    Yes, I know what you mean. We all want to help the hogs any way we can – not always easy when there are so many hazards all around for them. But linking gardens and creating hedgehog friendly habitat in our own gardens, is a good start. As Stef said, if they have easy access to lots of good habitat in people’s linked gardens, there’s less need for them to cross roads to find it. If you can, it would be ideal if your whole road could link their gardens. Hedgehogs need a lot of gardens!

    But, sounds as if you are doing a pretty good job if hogs have both hibernated and had hoglets in your garden. Keep up the good work!

    Happy hog watching.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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