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Oh what a sad day !😢

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Oh what a sad day !😢

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    Hello fellow hog lovers
    Well I’ve had a very sad day today! Because I saw two hogs (one hoglet and one really big hog ) both had been killed in different places on the busy road, just round the corner from my house last night. 😢
    Hetty, thankfully is still in situ under the shed, but Big Bruiser hasnt been seen for a couple of weeks ! And of course I’m very worried that the big one was him! 😢
    I had reduced the amount of food I was putting out, because Big Bruiser stopped visiting, but now I’ve increased the food – Hetty is eating more now the colder nights are here and I’m hoping that with foraging in the garden and the food I’m putting out, she won’t need to go out the front gate towards the road!😱
    Yes, I know she is free and a wild animal! But Ive invested so much care and attention to her needs, that I would be heartbroken if she lost her life under the wheels of a car!
    Thank goodness I’ve got the trail cam and I’m able to check every morning that she got back to her nest safely in the early hours!
    This hogalisim plays havoc with your anxiety levels! It’s no wonder I don’t sleep!
    It reminds me of having teenagers going out into the world! 😂
    Happy hog watching people! x


    Hi Hettihog, I’m still up like you. How dreadful for you, there are some raving lunatics around with cars. I don’t know why we have 20 mph round here as most people don’t care. My new little hog found the feeding station and is eating well but all the others are still missing including Big Benny, he’s a lovely big hog. I hope yours come back soon. I’ve name our new one Heidi, as she was playing hide and seek behind a tree. Think it’s time to sleep now, so good night and sweet hoggie dreams.


    Hi Annker
    Great to hear you have another little hog to support! You must be doing something right to attract so many.
    I had a visiting hoglet two nights ago, but nothing on the trail cam and no evidence that it has returned. I will have to check the hedgehog house, to see if there is any evidence that it’s occupied. Although there won’t be any bedding in it, as Hetty has taken it all under the shed for a refurbishment!
    Of course I don’t know if it was Big Bruiser dead on the road yesterday. But it’s really sad seeing anything wild loose it’s life because of mankind! As far as Bruiser is concerned, I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see if he returns for mating next year, as he was very interested in Hetty . I don’t think she was mature enough for hoglets this year, but who knows- maybe next year!
    I had another sad event this morning, I opened my curtains and there was a lifeless dove on the grass . On closer inspection I was surprised it was still alive.
    The thought of it being so vulnerable and at risk of being mutilatated by the cats around here ( of which there are many) I checked it over and put it out in the back garden in a box on a blanket. It’s still alive as I write, so I’m hopeful that with a bit of rest to get over the shock it may recover.
    It’s at times like this I wish I was more knowledgeable about these things and knew the best course of action.
    I was relieved to see Hetty on the cam this morning, just popping back into the feeding station for a snack before sleep!
    Take care x


    Hi Hettihog, don’t give up hope yet will you. I’m beginning to think they may have summer and winter feeding grounds, like a lot of wild animals who move on to feed and get water. The young one I had last year, Dinky Minky, she stayed around, packing food in for hibernation, but this year I’ve only seen her twice. I hope the dove hasn’t been attacked by a cat as the saliva from a bite will poison it. I’ve tried so many times to save birds, vets usually put them down. It’s feeding sick or baby birds I find extremely hard as you can choke them so easily. I’ve often wished someone would put together something for people to learn how to care for wildlife you may find injured. Warmth is a lot of help for bird recovery. Hope it gets well, best wishes.


    Hi Annker
    Well my day has just deteriorated as the hours have passed!
    My little dove slept all morning in the box provided and seemed to perk up a bit. Went out for a shopping trip with daughter this afternoon and on return the little dove seemed to be on his way to recovery.
    As I approached the box it flew across the garden straight into the fence and lay lifeless once again. Unsure of what to do, I put it back in the box and rang the vet – who I have to say was completely disinterested!
    So I rang the Kibworth wildlife centre who were nothing short of BRILLIANT and they agreed to take him in.
    It didn’t take them long to diagnose the problem. The dove had canker in its crop and the poor little thing must have been exhausted, because it was literally starving to death!
    They advised me that canker is a fungus, that grows in the crop when the birds eat damp/wet seed. And as if that’s not bad enough, they pass the fungus on to their babies.
    Apparently if it’s caught in time the canker is very easy to treat, with successful outcome. But my little dove was just to poorly to have a tablet or a pipe put down it’s throat , so the only option was to put him out of its misery.
    That poor little dove had two chicks this year and the are often in my garden. At least now I know what was wrong with the adult, I am better equipped to recognise the problem in others.
    And I will be bringing all the bird seed into the house whenever there is a threat of rain!
    Who knew damp bird seed is a killer!
    You take care

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    Hi Hettihog

    So sorry to hear about the dead hogs. Always horrible to see, and even worse if you are worrying that it’s one of your visitors. You might consider entering them on the Big Hedghog Map. It all goes to help give a better picture of how many hogs really are being killed on the roads and may help other hogs in the future.

    The only thing about Big Bruiser is that males have a larger range than females and quite often disappear. I find at this time of year some of the males disappear and don’t seem to return until the next year. Males tend to hibernate earlier than the females – they haven’t had any hoglet duties like the females so are able to put on the necessary fat for hibernation much earlier. They also return earlier – sometimes as much as 2 months difference. Then they have time to fatten up before they start using up all their energy chasing after the females!

    Sorry to hear about the dove, as well. You did your best for it and that’s all we can do. Loving wildlife certainly is a mixed blessing. I hope the two youngsters do well.


    Hi, you are going through it Hettihog, roll on next week! I do know they can get problems with their throats and eating, they starve to death. Bacon fat can give them something else in the throat as well causing the same problems of not being able to eat. We had a budgie for 10 yrs and I gave him some as he kept asking for it.! He started with this problem and after taking him to the vets he died. I never put any out for the birds now. Keep your chin up, you did what you could, best wishes.


    Hey Annker and Nic
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I will put the dead hogs on the map today and keep my fingers crossed that Big Bruiser returns in an amorous state next year!
    Hetty is looking great, eating plenty and a good size, so I am counting my blessings!
    Happy hog watching x


    how distressing for you, but I’m so glad Hetti is well. You’re so lucky to have a permanent hedgehog nesting.


    I lost one on Wednesday too. Found it run over 🙁


    Hey Julesford, So sorry to hear about your visiting hog, it’s so distressing! x

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