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The Hedgehog Garden Challenge

Is your garden a hedgehog haven?

How good is your garden for hedgehogs? Take the challenge and find out how your garden rates.

Hedgehog in purple garden flowers. Photo credit Duncan Eames

In each section, select the statement that most applies for your garden. Let us know how you get on using the #GardenChallenge and #HedgehogStreetTurns10 hashtags!

The Hedgehog Garden Challenge

  • 1. Access

  • 2. Foraging

  • 3. Nesting

  • 4. Wildlife features

    Of the wildlife features listed, how many do you have? Log pile, leaf pile, compost heap, wildlife pond, wildflower patch.
  • 5. Supplementary feeding

  • 6. Chemical hazards

Photo credit Duncan Eames